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Tiffanie is a certified Senior Human Resource Professional that understands the demands of the corporate life. Having worked with companies from 100-5,000+ employees she has knowledge of varying structures, large staffing needs and the pressures HR practitioners are under. Crown Consulting Services is here to give HR practitioners more time in their day by taking on some of the more time consuming tasks such as Benefits Reconciliation and Leave Management.

Investigations: We come in as a neutral 3rd party to help conduct investigations that help you find the facts that can save you time and money.

Leave Management:  FMLA is detailed, time consuming and can take time to ensure proper procedure is followed and all the steps are documented. We can help you track and manage employee leaves.

Special Projects: We know the daily demands of current HR Staff. We can come in and help with special projects such as HRIS & ATS implementation, file management, system and process change. 

Benefits Reconciliation: It can be cumbersome to audit your benefits transactions. Let us help you save money by ensuring you are only paying for current employees.

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